Treatment of sleep related disorders

Many sleep related diseases are treated with home mechanical ventilation, eg. sleep apnea, COPD and different neuromuscular diseases. The CPAP and BiPAP treatment aim is to ensure proper respiration as well as improving your quality of sleep. Although generic masks for CPAP an BiPAP treatment are certainly an option, many users experience difficulties in getting the full benefits of the mask.

Sleep better with the right mask

Sleeping with an ill-fitted mask seriously affects the quality of sleep and it is therefore important to have a mask that fits perfectly. KRC produces individually fitted masks, made after an accurate cast of your face, you get the full benefits of the treatment as well as a more peaceful night’s sleep.

  1. Optimal fit
    A custom made nasal- or full face mask, is made after a cast of the face and fits the face 100%. This design enables the pressure to be distributed over a larger area, thereby making the mask more comfortable to wear. 
  2. No leaking
    Standard masks are often prone to leaking, especially around the eyes, which is uncomfortable and can lead to eye infections. With a custom made Kaiser mask, this is not an issue, as the mask fits perfectly on the bridge of the nose. All Kaiser masks are formed in a way that keeps them sealed tight around the nostrils, which means that the mask is sealed, even with relatively high pressure treatment. 
  3. No pressure sores
    Pressure sores and irritated skin on the forehead and bridge of the nose are common side effects, when using respiratory masks. The Kaiser masks fit the shape of the face perfectly. Because of this the pressure is evenly distributed, and sores and skin irritation can be avoided. 
  4. Children’s faces are soft – a perfect reason for a perfect fit
    Children’s facial bones are soft and pliable. When a child needs a respiratory mask through an extended period of time, there is a greater risk of deforming of the facial bones and indentation/depression of the mid- face. Respiratory care facilities in both Denmark and Norway have been using Kaiser masks for many years, specifically to counteract deformities. 
  5. Value for money
    Purchasing a custom made mask saves money in the long run. Generic masks are less expensive, but usually only last for months, while an individually made mask can last for many years! Likewise, many needless visits to the hospital or family physician due to problems with ill-fitting masks can be avoided.