Manufacturing of masks – two options

Option 1 – Manufacturing of masks at my clinic

You make an appointment at my clinic (possibly after a referral from your physician or hospital) where you come in to get your measurements taken and a cast made of your face. When the mask is completed, you come in for a final fitting with the tailor made head gear. Thereafter we will connect the mask to the machine and give you an opportunity to try out the mask while you are lying down and the mask is connected. You will get full instructions on use, so that you feel confident on how to use the mask correctly when you get home.

Option 2 – Manufacturing of masks at your home, hospitals or clinics

Firstly, the family or relevant hospital staff make an appointment with me and the patient in question. I arrive with my mobile workshop, and make the cast(s) and produce the nasalmask(s) the same day. At the end of the day the mask(s) are tested and patient and carers are instructed in the correct use. OBS: Fullface masks require 2-3 working days.
Sleep quality with the new mask may preferably be monitored at the hospital department before use at home.
This approach has been very effective, especially when I service clients far away from my clinic.
I have worked abroad in this way for years e.g in Norway, Belgium, USA, England and Israel.

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