About KRC

Kaiser Respiratory Care manufactures masks and other respiratory equipment, for children and adults with various diagnoses.

Thomas KaiserThomas Kaiser

“I am a licensed prosthetist and physical therapist, and have developed and manufactured full face masks for CPAP and BiPAP treatments since 1990. While I was employed as a prosthetist at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) I was encouraged to develop and design a nasal mask for children. This work inspired and motivated me to find new solutions to problems connected to the use of prosthetics. Since then, I have had a permanent association with the Danish respiratory clinics, where the treatment of CPAP and BiPAP patients is concentrated. Over the years I have manufactured masks for users in the US, Australia, Holland, Sweden, Norway, The Faroe Islands and Israel.
The most common conditions are sleep apnea, muscular dystrophy, ALS, sclerosis and other neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, complications from polio, scoliosis, Down and Crozon syndrome.
The smallest mask that I have produced was for a prematurely born child that weighed 2200 grams, the largest for a patient weighing 237 kilos.
I have produced more than two thousand custom made masks, for a very diverse group of patients and users, and it has given me a unique experience and insight into how to best help the individual patient.
Although most of my clients these days are so-called “problematic patients” whose clinics and hospitals have had a difficult time finding the appropriate masks, the overall success rate of my masks is at between 80 and 90%.”

The Care in KRC

I do my very best to live up to the trust physicians, patients and parents show me. It is of the utmost importance to me to understand and respect the needs of adults and children alike, and to find the best solution possible, however difficult the situation may be.”