Baby – Flex Mask

The world’s smallest nasal mask

The Baby Flex Mask is an alternative option, when standard pediatric masks are too large. To ensure an accurate fit, a silicone cast of the child’s face is made, whereupon the mask is constructed. The mask is made with allergy tested medical grade acrylic. If needed, the mask can be fitted with a soft silicone or rubber inner mask. There is almost no “dead space” in the mask and perforations for exhalation in the mask itself, ensure that no re inhalation of CO2 occurs.

Tailor- made headgear

Infants’ heads, are typically quite round, which requires a different design than for older children and adults. The Baby Flex Mask is mounted with a separate, tailor-made headgear, which guarantees a stable and secure fit on the child’s head.


Minimal strain on the facial bones

The Baby Flex Mask puts very little pressure on the face and rests on the cheekbones, therefore avoiding a possible deforming of the facial bones

The mask’s head gear is sewn individually for the ideal fit. Can be reordered.

Varenr. 1530, Flex tube
Varenr. 1520, Straps set
Varenr. 1545, Whisper valve

The mask itself can be soaked in warm soapy water, and thoroughly rinsed before use. Headband, flex tube and straps can be hand washed in bio detergents.

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