Children’s Full Face Mask

When nasal ventilation is not enough

The Kaiser full face mask for children, is made from a thin, flexible and transparent acrylic outer mask, and a soft pliable rubber inner mask. All materials are allergy tested and medical grade.

Full contact – no deforming of the facial bones

This is a full contact mask, which evenly distributes pressure on the whole face, making it comfortable to wear and avoiding sores and deforming of the facial bones. The mask includes an individually tailored headgear, which keeps the mask in place.

Less leakage

The full face mask is as airtight as they get. Usually it is quite difficult to manufacture full face masks that never leak, due to the intermittent movement of the lower jaw. However, Kaiser’s specially designed masks, yield a much better result than most generic pediatric masks.

NOTE:A Cast of the full face mask, can be taken where the patient is, however the manufacturing can only take place at KRC’s workshop.


The mask’s head gear is sewn individually for the ideal fit. Can be reordered.
Model 1530 Flex tube
Model 1535 Strap set (4pcs)
Model 1545 Whisper valve

The mask itself can be washed in lukewarm soapy water. NOTE: Do not use hot water!
Rinse thoroughly before use. Headgear can be hand washed with bio detergents.

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