Children’s nasal mask

The smallest pediatric mask in the world (almost)

The mask is suitable for children aged approx. 2-16 yrs. Young children or children of a slight build can benefit from the use of the Baby Flex mask (suitable for children aged +- 1year).

Easy to manage and adjust

The mask has a simple design a is easy to operate and adjust, which is beneficial, especially if the child has multiple carers.

Counteracts deformation of the facial bones

Most standard respiratory masks are constructed with a silicone fringe, to ensure a tight fit. Which is why most standardized mask have to be tightened a great deal to avoid leakage.
The Kaiser pediatric mask is a full contact mask, which distributes the pressure evenly throughout the entire area of the mask. The mask is designed in such a way that the strain is primarily on the cheek bones and not on the growth zone. Moreover, the mask is fitted quite loosely to the face, which counteracts a potential deformation of the child’s soft facial bones.

Easy to clean

The mask’s simple design makes it very easy to clean, which is important, especially with children that battle infections. This mask was originally developed at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden in the 80’s and further enhanced by Kaiser Respiratory Care in 1991

model 1510 Headband
model 1620 Tube set w/ hook attachments
model 1550 Complete set of accessories
model 1560 Clasp set
model 1545 Whisper valve

The nasal mask and fittings can be hand washed with bio detergents, and should be thoroughly rinsed before use. Lime scale build up can be removed by placing the mask and tubing in a water and vinegar solution.

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