Especially well suited for CPAP treatment

The CPAP Mask is made from allergy tested and skin-friendly acrylic. This mask is especially suited people who need treatment during the daytime. The mask is easy to adjust, and rests lightly on the face, without being too tight. It is very small and does not dominate the whole face. The tubes are narrow and can be placed behind the head (for example in a wheelchair) Eye glasses can be worn together with the mask.

Great fit

The CPAP mask is made from a cast of the face. This enables an even distribution of pressure over the entire area of the mask. The mask is sealed tight around the nostrils, which counteracts leaking, at the same time the mask has a loose and comfortable fit. This mask has been a favorite with many of our customers, for its easy adjustment and comfort.

Easy to adjust

The mask is easy to adjust, and rests very lightly on the face. Eye glasses can be worn while using the mask.

Model 1510 Head band
Model 1520 Tube set w/hooks
Model 1550 Complete set of accessories CPAP mask
Model 1545 Whisper valve
Model 1560 Joints set

The mask can be soaked in warm soapy water, and thoroughly rinsed before use. Headband and tubes can be hand washed in bio detergents. Lime scale build up in mask and tubing can be removed by soaking the items in a water and vinegar solution.

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