Flex Mask

Nasal mask for adults and older children

The Flex Mask is made from allergy tested and skin-friendly acrylic. Specifically developed CPAP and BIPAP treatment. An easy and good fit ensures minimal leakage and problems with pressure.

Easy to adjust

The mask is mounted with a single, cotton lined, head band. It is easily adjusted by turning the spiral formed tube. There is no need to use a “hood” or uncomfortable, large headgear. The inner sides of the elastic straps are soft and comfortable and ensure the mask’s tight fit. The mask is easily adjusted, and can be adapted for people with reduced dexterity.

Over the head tube

In contrast to most standardized masks, where the tube suspends from the middle of the mask, the Flex Mask tube rests on the forehead. This distinctive design allows for greater mobility during sleep and minimizes the risk of the mask coming off. Moreover, the exhalation valve is turned away from the face, which means no noise by the ear, hindering a good night’s sleep.

No Noise

The mask’s exhalation valve is almost silent (Whisper valve), which gives the patient and indeed the whole family a better quality of sleep. Eye glasses can be worn together with the mask if needed.

Silicone inner mask

In some cases, it can be useful to fit the Flex Mask with a silicone inner mask. It can be the ideal solution for many. On the other hand, the acrylic mask lasts longer and have less air leakage.

All KRC masks are CE approved

Model 1510 Head band
Model 1520 Straps (set)
Model 1530 Flex tube
Model 1540 Complete set of accessories flex mask
Model 1545 Whisper valve

The mask itself can be soaked in warm soapy water, and thoroughly rinsed before use. Headband, flex tube and straps can be hand washed in bio detergents

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