Bestillingsliste for tilbehør til nasalmasker


Model number Description
1500 Nasal mask, acrylic flex
1505 Nasal mask, silicone flex
1510 Headbands for flex and pediatric masks
1515 Baby flex acrylic mask (with soft inner mask)
1520 Straps set for nasal mask
1530 Flex tube for flex mask
1535 Straps set for full face mask (4pcs, buttons not included)
1540 Complete set of accessories for flex mask
1545 Whisper valve
1550 Complete set of accessories for pediatric nasal mask
1560 Joints/elbows set for kids nasal mask and adult CPAP mask
1600 Cildren’s nasal mask
1610 Baby full face mask
1620 Tube set for kids mask
1700 Children’s flex mask
1800 Full face silicone mask
1900 Full face Kaiser mask
2010 Misc. tubes
2020 Other respiratory equipment
2030 Chimney for tracheostomy tubes
CE marking
All Kaiser masks are produced in accordance with Danish and EU laws on medical equipment.